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Monetize your parking spaces

A revolutionary approach to un-attended parking without revenue loss.

100% Revenue Retention

Tailored Parking to match your exact needs

Apps to manage and track your earnings

Multi-language support

Customized parking signs
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Optimize revenue by utilizing our smart park system
Generate Revenue
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Utilizing smart sensors means that the parking lot can manage it self.
Unattended Monitoring
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Using special sensors your parking spaces will be remotely managed
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Monetize & Monitor

surface lot.png

Surface Parking Lots

park structure.png

Parking Structures

street parking.png

Street Parking

The use of the latest technologies when applied to the detection of parking spaces can reduce the number of vehicles looking for an available spot, increase traffic flow, save fuel, decrease CO2 emissions, and improve the general driving experience and habitability of cities. 

How it works

Prkcar actively monitors when a vehicle is parked in any parking space

Parkers access the portal via a QR code or posted signs and quickly register and pay

We automate the whole process. Using automation, we quickly detect unpaid vehicles

Unauthorized vehicles can quickly be removed

Demo and Pricing

Prkcar pay to park is designed to help owners and managers to easily monetize their parking spaces without reoccurring expenses. Parking spaces a truly unmanned but not unmanaged.

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